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  Our customers have their individual methods of making orders, payments and, often, their own packing   requirements, and we are happy to oblige.


  Personal Service

  We are a compact operation taking pride in knowing all our customers and, where possible, visiting them.
  From our experience of exporting books we are well aware that unexpected problems may arise, such as
  a key textbook suddenly becoming unavailable, and we see our job as keeping you informed of these   developments and suggesting ways around them.


  • One Supplier rather than dealing with several different publishers
  • Books arrive in a single consignment to meet your deadline
  • Your books are tracked from receipt of order to delivery
  • Massive savings on freight and insurance costs

  Using an efficient book consolidation service ensures that schools make the most
  of their limited resources, saving time and money.


  Our system is straightforward. Simply let us know your requirements and we will send you a
  quotation or proforma for your consideration.


  Educational establishments are not usually required to pay until receipt of books.